Music Bio

Born in Bethlehem, PA and moved to Bucks County at age 3. When I was 6 my parents rented a room to one of their friends who was a piano teacher. As part of her rent, I had daily lessons or supervised practice which allowed me to progress quickly for the first two years. When we moved to the Philadelphia area, I continued lessons but lost interest at age 13 and stopped for a year. Then playing by ear emerged and I have been playing ever since, for over 60 years.

At age 17 my first guitar enabled me to write my first song. For graduation I received a professional model (Gibson Hummingbird) guitar and started playing folk music at coffee houses, events, and parties. I added harmonica in a metal holder around my neck and added “harp in the rack” to my guitar and vocal performances. In 1968 I acquired a twelve string guitar and began to perform with both instruments. .

In college, at the University of Delaware, I performed regularly at local coffee houses, briefly fronted a rock band providing vocals and blues harmonica, and partially paid my way through school playing piano at an English restaurant in Arden, Delaware. .

Following my graduation in 1969 with a degree in Psychology, I enlisted in the Navy, having received my greetings letter from “Uncle Sam” and spent 3 years aboard a destroyer, making 2 Mediterranean cruises and 6 trips to the Caribbean. When the ship was in port I frequently found places to play piano or sing with my guitar. Spending a summer in Newport, Rhode Island I was an entertainer at the Black Pearl, a waterfront restaurant.

Following my Navy enlistment, a 37 year career in Human Resources began which moved me westward, and in Pennsylvania and Ohio I played guitar, piano, and sang most weekends in clubs, restaurants, festivals, and events. I continued writing songs and still play a few from these “early days”. In 1985 a job transfer took me to Colorado where I spent more time running and bicycling than playing music. In 1988 another transfer brought me to the Phoenix Metro area and soon I started to get serious again with music. In 1994 I wrote my first Arizona song, “Is it Muggy on the Rim?”. .

Later, more songs were written about Arizona including, “Copper Spike”, “Tarantulas in the Moonlight”, “Blonde Coyote” and “Under a Coyote Moon” (which I performed at both of Arizona’s Centennial Celebrations). Several years ago senior living facilities were added to venues where I perform. Now retired from corporate HR, music is a priority in my daily life. In 2009 I recorded my first album, “Coyote Rising” and in 2012 recorded an album with John Mahoney, owner of Ravenpheat Studios. Both albums are available for purchase at performances or by direct mail and “Coyote Rising” can be acquired through CDBaby or iTunes. .

My wife Joan and I also work together in our business, “Your Wealth and Health” providing clients with life and health insurance, Medicare plans, annuities, and dental insurance. We are avid hikers and bicyclists and enjoy travel to places where we can do both. My son Aaron lives in Colorado and is an accomplished guitarist; and my daughter Megan lives in Mesa with our son in law Jannkarlo and a grandson, Nicholas.